Smoking, anti-tobacco campaign in Australia

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Packages without brand, olive-colored and full view images in bright colors on the dangers of smoking to health. This is the latest initiative by Australia, where it applies a strict anti-smoking legislation to combat the harmful habit. The harsh anti-tobacco campaign was announced by the Australian government. The bill will be introduced in parliament after 60 days of public consultation.

The objective of the bill, disclosed by Health Minister Nicola Roxon , is to reduce the deaths caused by smoking and the cost to the community. In Australia there are 15 thousand deaths a year from smoking. Roxon said: ‘ The legislation is a world first and sends a clear message that the glamor of smoking is over. Packages now only show the death and disease caused by smoking . ‘

Nicola Roxon added: ‘ The new packages have been designed to be as attractive as possible and to clearly show the terrible effects that smoking can have on health . ‘ The big tobacco companies such as British American Tobacco Australia, have threatened legal action, but the government is determined not to be intimidated.

The Australian Minister for Health said: ‘ We believe we have a very strong legal basis and we will not allow the tobacco lobby impaurisca us with legal action . ‘

Workout to speed up the legs

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Strengthen the legs and make them more snappy when running or other types of physical exercises is very widespread practice among professional athletes as well as those who want to tone ones body and stay in shape. Thus we recommend the ideal training to speed the legs and get fast results obvious.

How to speed up your legs

How to speed up your legs have been told by very experienced people on the subject and have often presented with contradictory opinions. Over time it has come to establish that what matters most to speed up the legs is to train speed and strength.  Let’s talk more with the following exercises.

The Swimming

Swimming is one of the most complete sports already known to many. In addition it could be the best workout to speed up the legs of an individual. Just an hour a day for at least three days a week and within a few months, the muscle strength of the lower limbs and, consequently, their speed will increase by about 30-40%.


Another exercise to speed up your legs recommended by experts for the race. Short quick bursts through which it strengthens quickly the lower muscles and with excellent results. For best results especially when playing football and you want to speed up your legs, it will be good to train with obstacles such as run fast even using a balloon to make the exercise more difficult.

Simple exercises DIY

Another useful system is to run up the stairs, not only the front but also the sides and finally jumping on the spot with quick bursts forth between the two trying to raise knees as much as possible, ideally reach the chest.

Be careful not to overdo it

As with all exercises, training to speed up the legs requires a lot of attention. We recommend relaxing massages for the muscles so as not to stress them further and to avoid abrupt end each workout. It is much better to to start slow then increase it from time to time.

Herbs to bring in the menstrual cycle

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Women who suffer from disorders of menstruation or amenorrhea (absence of the cycle) may resort to homeopathy and natural medicine to treat these disorders in a balanced way and is harmonious to the bod, not taking hormones or drugs. What are the herbs to bring in the menstrual cycle? Here are the most effective.

The herbs to be taken

Rubus idaeus – Raspberry gemmoderivato. This is widely used to treat various problems in a female’s hormonal system in a natural way including premenstrual pains and delays in the cycleUse the Rubus idaeus to favor the appearance of the menstrual cycle is simple: the recommended dose is 30/40 drops of the extract of this herb in a little water, taken two times per day between meals.

Chamomile – Widely used to relieve menstrual symptoms, chamomile can also be used to promote the appearance in case of delay. It is a remedy less effective than others, but that can be enhanced by combining a warm bath to drink a cup of chamomile tea (too hot).

Absinthe – This is one of the best herbs to bring in the menstrual cycle and emmenagogue whose effectiveness has been known since ancient times. Today, a tea made from wormwood is part of the natural remedies prescribed by homeopaths to regulate menstrual flow, thus alleviating their pain and especially favoring the appearance.

Artemisia – This plant medicine has effective action in regulating the disorders related to the menstrual cycle. That’s why an infusion of wormwood is recommended in case there is a delay in the loop or in a natural way to treat amenorrhea.

More advice

All the herbs to bring in the menstrual cycle are natural remedies and as such do not cause any unwanted side effects. In any case, if after taking for a long time the nothing, you should contact a gynecologist to look deeper into the cause of the absence of menstruation.

Breastfeeding technique

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Every new mother chooses breastfeeding techniques with which they feel most at ease in starting the new adventure of motherhood. Being comfortable and relaxed creates immediately an exclusive relationship with ones child.


Find the best techniques of breastfeeding to help the baby and the mother to relax and not to get tired is essential for proper growth of the child. In the first days after birth, the mother can breastfeed lying on its side, bringing the baby’s head near the breast. Later, the mother can choose the position of sitting in a comfortable chair or sitting down with the arm bent to support the baby’s head. The body of the newborn will be attached to the mother and her little face close to the breast to promote breast-feeding.

The little one must be accustomed to sucking, so he must be attached to the breast gradually, a few minutes for the first few days of life and up to 20 minutes after 3-4 days. If after a few minutes of feeding the baby refuses to suck the breast, this is because the milk takes on a different flavor at the end of feeding. If your little one also has difficulty sucking, inizire must be gently pressed on the breast and drain a little milk because most likely you created a breast engorgement and the little one can not take milk.

The best technique
Most mothers learn the techniques of breastfeeding alone directly with the child. Despite the advice of mothers, grandmothers, nurses and ob-gynes is the exclusive relationship that is created from the outset between mother and child, will direct a mother to the most appropriate and effective technique of breastfeeding.

Always be ready before the lens: tips from pros

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With the rise of smartphones and other photo sharing tools like Instagram, an evening with friends can give the feeling of being in the shoes of a star hounded by paparazzi. Tired of untagging of unpretty photos in Facebook? These tips revealed by professional makeup artists Kristofer Buckle, Kapil Bhalla and Kabuki can be very useful.

Too much gloss

Kristofer Buckle who has worked with Hollywood stars like Charlize Theron and Blake Lively said, it is important to keep it simple when many devices are around you.

” To be avoided: the lips and eyelids because they are too bright that the camera can get messy and it can interfere , “said Kristofer Buckle.

The importance of editing

Kapil Bhalla, who applies make up to great actresses like Shilpa Shetty and Bollywood Kareena Kapoor says that the filters altering the colors of a picture are not neglected, they can hide many flaws.

” The image sensors which are equipped in smartphones can give the complexion a shabby air, too much flash and you find gray complexion” warns the professional.

According to the expert, the black and white filter is ideal: ” The effects sepia, black and white enable the development of the portrait,” says Bhalla, adding that it is important to know what angle to present the photographer . ” Know your best profile. Show your best angles”, he advises.

Shine, yes, but not the wrong way

Makeup of stars, including Kabuki officiates on the face of Lady Gaga and creator of the mannequin look of Zac Posen. According to him, it is essential to invest in blotting paper to be photogenic.

“Even among non-greasy skins, the foundation can create a brilliance that we would be okay in the photos. Use blotting paper to control this without involving the addition of an extra layer of products, “said the artist.

The renowned Frances Hathaway, who beautifies including Naomi Campbell and Susan Sarandon, also emphasizes this point: ” It is important to have the radiant complexion, but care must be taken to prevent the T-zone (which includes eyebrows and nose -ed) to shine”.

Kristofer Buckle advises to use powder as an ally: ” Sprinkle the center of the forehead, the nose, the contour of the mouth and chin. This prevents shine and reduce the mask effect . “

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Tony Scott was suffering from an inoperable brain tumor

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Tony Scott, the director of ‘Top Gun’ died by jumping off a bridge in Los Angeles, he suffered an inoperable brain tumor, revealed a source close to the director at ABC News.

The LAPD received a call on Sunday at 12:30 noon at which warned that a man had jumped from the Vincent Thomas Bridge. The body was recovered around 15:00 and identified as that of Tony Scott.

The coroner’s office in Los Angeles County said that  there were  several letters from Scott to loved ones found in his car. They also found a suicide note.

The said police received a 911 call at 24:30 about an individual that had jumped off the Vincent Thomas Bridge. The body was recovered around 3 pm and was identified by authorities as Scott, According to Lt. Joseph Bale of the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office. An autopsy is scheduled to be performed today.

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Egg yolk as harmful as cigarette

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Eat an egg or inhale cigarette smoke: cholesterol implications  are equivalent according to a recent Canadian study published in the journal Atherosclerosis revealed by Le Figaro .

Despite its richness in omega-3, vitamins and antioxidants, egg yolk has a high intake of cholesterol. Too high even for the frail. A risk of stroke Dr. David Spence, Stroke Prevention specialist, and his team at the University of Western Ontario (Canada) measured by ultrasound training of fatty plaques in the carotid artery (which supplies the neck) of more than 1,200 Canadian patients, average age 61 years.

These clusters of fat cells gradually clog the arteries can pick and block traffic, triggering a myocardial infarction or cerebrovascular accident (CVA). In addition to their weekly consumption of  egg yolks, participants also indicated their consumption of cigarettes. Scientists have discovered that plaque formation was accelerated significantly from 40 patients regularly eating egg yolk (about three times per week). More importantly, this vessel damage by accumulation of fat represents two-thirds due to smoking, which is harmful to the heart and circulation is well established. Other factors could intervene in these results, as the physical activity of patients, which has not been taken into account by researchers. Despite this, Dr. Spence advises patients more susceptible to cardiovascular disease” to take into account their overall cardiovascular risk, their genetic predisposition to heart attacks and eating habits” regarding the ingestion of egg yolk. In France, reports Figaro, it is recommended to patients with healthy blood but advised not to exceed two to three eggs a week, and limit their daily intake of cholesterol to 300 mg. Egg yolk already contains about 200 mg.

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Black Diamonds Azature: The Most Expensive Nail Polish

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The new nail polish Azature has something to fade manicure in 24 karat gold Rihanna . The American jeweler has just released a varnish Iridescent powder black diamond, one of the most valuable raw materials which induces an exorbitant price: $ 250 000 per bottle (just over 200 000 euros).

The product exists only a single copy may be emulated by the worst “beauty addicts”. The designer, whose jewels are favored by celebrities such as Megan Fox and Scarlett Johansson , hope they get this manicure exception at 267 carats, the most expensive in the world. A more affordable for those who can not afford the Holy Grail of nail polish, Azature has thought of everything. The brand offers another version, obviously less luxurious for the modest sum of € 20. In contrast, one small black diamond was introduced into the flask. The first copies already available in the store Fred Segal in Los Angeles, have a great success. Depending on the brand, nearly 600 people were registered on waiting lists to get them.

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A travel kit to fight against skin aging

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The cosmetics brand upscale Sisley offers a “travel-kit” to enable women to protect their skin from premature aging, in all circumstances.

Called “Sisleÿa”, this kit includes four anti-aging products to fight against all forms of skin aging, anywhere and any time of day.

Cream “Sisleÿa Global Anti-Age” helps protect against hormonal failures, “Supremÿa” ensures cell repair at night cream, “All Day All Year” offers protection against external attacks, and mask “Cream Rose Noire” smooth and plumps the skin.

This travel kit signed Sisley will be offered exclusively at Marionnaud next September. Clients will have to pay € 293 to get it.

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Kidney cancer: a simple blood test can offer patients the best treatments

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Researchers at Duke Cancer Institute (USA) show that an enzyme present in blood could determine the best treatment options for patients with kidney cancer.

Published in the web version of the Journal of Clinical Oncology , this work reveals that an enzyme – called “LDH”, easily detectable in the blood, would have the power to predict how patients with advanced kidney cancer may respond to a specific treatment.

Until now, scientists knew that high levels of “LDH” were considered a risk factor for aggressive kidney cancer. The researchers studied the data from 404 patients, half received standard treatment – interferon-alpha – and the other half for treatment with temsirolimus, indicated to improve survival of people with advanced kidney cancer.

Result: the enzyme in question would be an effective biomarker to determine the best treatment for each patient. The scientists found that the average survival of patients with high levels of “LDH” was 6.9 months with temsirolimus therapy, and 4.2 months with standard treatment.

The study also shows that there is virtually no difference in survival time with both treatments for patients with low levels of “LDH”.

Eventually, this discovery may lead health professionals to conduct a blood test to determine the best treatment for each patient with kidney cancer.

” Having such a biomarker for kidney cancer would refer patients to the best treatment possible. It would be a major breakthrough in the fight against disease , “said one of the authors of the study.

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Increased risk of second cancer in overweight people

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French researchers found out that obesity and overweight could be a risk factor for second malignancy, particularly after a first breast cancer.

While overweight and obesity affect nearly one in two French, a team of researchers from the National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA) and Inserm have examined the potential link between excess weight and risk of cancer recurrence after a first breast cancer.

Result: Obese people at diagnosis of first breast cancer have a higher risk of developing a second cancer. The latter can be located in the other breast, the endometrium or colon-rectum.

” These results show that overweight, increases the risk of subsequently developing a second cancer. Author’s of the study stressed the importance of prevention policies that would focus on reducing the prevalence of overweight and obesity.”

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Jennifer Aniston is Engaged!

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A few days ago the media reported about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux being on the rocks but now the couple is officially engaged after a year of dating.

On Friday, the couple celebrated Justin’s birthday and the actor received an extraordinary gift from Jennifer when she “accepted his marriage proposal”, announced his representative to People magazine.

At the beginning of their relationship Aniston said in a television interview: “Yes, Im happy. I’m very lucky, and I am very happy.”

Aniston is an actress, director and producer who has starred in several films since the mid-nineties. It was her television character Rachel in the sitcom “Friends” that made her really famous.

Justin, an actor, screenwriter and director, known for his role in two award-winning films: “Mulholland Dr.” and “Inland Empire”.

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Dancing, boxing and pilates for a perfect body

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It looks like a cross between a Rocky movie, a Cindy Crawford workout DVD and a Michael Jackson dance routine. It is called Piloxing, a combination of Pilates and boxing (English boxing) with a sexy dance routines to make ladies slim and promote female self-confidence.

From Piloxing’s official website, the fast, powerful movements of boxes connected with the aesthetic and delicate sculptures of Pilates
has invented a new sport crossover says Swede Viveca Jensen, a fitness guru and bodybuilder at the same time. Hollywood stars like Hilary Duff (24) and Kirsten Dunst (30) have the fitness trend already prescribed and taken courses at Jensen, who is also a personal trainer and guide in Tuloca Lake (California) in a Piloxing Academy.
Piloxing aimed at women who gain a new form of body awareness, will appeal to both mind and body. Mental Fitness by force is the motto.

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Jennifer Lopez, blackmailed by his former driver

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First it was Shakira, now, Jennifer Lopez . The New York singer has made a complaint against his former chauffeur, Haukon Monoukian to whom she accuses of extortion.

According to the Daily Mail, JLo requires the former employee a compensation of $20 million for breach of confidentiality agreement signed before the driver started working for the singer.

Monoukian, meanwhile, had previously demanded the singer a whopping $2.8 million (200,000 dollars per year of work) in return for an unfair dismissal. Apparently Monoukian threatened the singer to publish a personal letter as leverage to collect the required amount.

Haukon Monoukian began working for the singer Marc Anthony in 2005.

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